“One of the key components of our business is listening to the voice of our customers”

AVIA Чартер - приложение для заказа джета

Bell Helicopter has quite good presence on the Russian market with several dozen rotorcraft being operated here. The US manufacturer works here through its local partner Jet Transfer company. Patrick Moulay, Bell Helicopter’s managing director for Europe and Russia told Show Observer about the company’s new products and the local marketing strategy.

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Mr Moulay, who are your Russian customers — mostly private owners or commercial operators as well?

— Bell Helicopter’s customer base in Russia is wide-ranging and includes everything from private individuals to corporate customers to commercial operators. Our single engine model Bell 407/407GX is very popular among private pilots and is an ideal solution for private pilots with experience operating similar light aircraft but want the fully modern glass cockpit. We also recently introduced the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X that will be available near the $1 mln US price point. Once the 505 Jet Ranger X is certified, it will allow private owners an additional affordable and advanced aircraft.


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