Ka-62 gearing up for first flight

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During the first day of HeliRussia 2012, Russian Helicopters is presenting the Kamov Ka-62 twin-turbine medium utility helicopter. This is a civil variant based on the Ka-60 Kasatka battlefield transport. Kamov plans to fly the Ka-62 in August 2013; Russian certification is expected in 2015, to be followed by first deliveries. EASA certification is set for 2018.

Unlike the other Kamov designs, the Ka-62 has a single main rotor and a 12-blade shrouded tail rotor. The airframe and main rotor blades are 63% composite. The Ka-62 has a take-off weight of 6,500 kg and can carry 12 to 15 passengers or 2,700 kg cargo in a spacious transport cabin. Its range is 770 km, and its cruise speed 270 km/h. The helicopter is powered by two 1,680-hp Turbomeca Ardiden 3G engines. Its lifting capacity positions it between the light Ka-226 and medium Ka-32 and Mil Mi-8/17 designs in the Russian Helicopters model range.


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